Museum at the Bighorns

June 16, 2021


850 Sibley Circle, Sheridan


Trails, rails and adventures through Sheridan County and the Bighorns!

Immerse yourself in the colorful Cultures, Commerce, and Characters of Sheridan County history. The newly opened museum features a gift shop, interactive exhibits, dioramas, and Western art which present the local perspective on the history of the American West.

Children and their families are encouraged to come to the Museum from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. on the second Tuesday in June, July and August for the Museum’s newest children’s education program, Tidbit Tuesdays. From telling a story on a hide painting to building a western town diorama and playing old time children’s games, Tidbit Tuesdays will give children and their families an opportunity to explore history together.

Exhibits tell the stories of the ranchers, railroaders, miners, soldiers, Indians, and the dramatic events which occurred in the shadows of the Big Horn Mountains.

Located just off the 5th Street exit to Sheridan, the museum serves as the gateway for exploring historic downtown Sheridan and heritage sites around the region.

Open May 1-31, 1 to 5pm, June through August, 10am to 6pm and Sept. 1 – Dec.16, 1 to 5pm.

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