Sibley Lake Ski Trails

January 7, 2022



The Sibley Lake Ski Trails has approximately 15 miles of groomed trails that average from 7700’ to 8400’ in elevation. The system offers an interesting variety of loops and tours for all skiers. A warming hut nestled in the lodge pole and spruce forest provides skiers a sheltered opportunity to relax, eat lunch, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Bring the family!


Turn of the century woodsmen called “tie hackers” cut timber in this area to supply rail ties for the westerly expanding railroad companies. Today you can observe present-day logging activity in the same area. Several Sibley Lake Ski Trails follow timber roads, both old and new. Sibley Lake Ski Trails are well marked with blue diamonds on the trees and directional maps are posted at the trail intersections.


Blue Creek Loop

This loop offers challenging climbs and runs with scenic meadow glides.  It follows Prune Creek west before climbing a short, steep ridge, topping out in a small park where you can put it in cruise-control!

Prune Creek Loop

If thrills are what you seek, you’re in the right place on this loop that offers curves, hills and trees for the experienced skier.  Follow the road out of the ski parking lot past Sibley Campground.  Before dropping down to the boat dock, turn south and climb to a small park and turn SW (left) leaving Blue Creek trail to begin your adventure.

Dead Horse Park Loop

This is the longest and easiest loop, 10k from the highway, 6k on the loop only. Ski past the Sibley boat dock and follow Prune Creek upstream to a small park where the trail takes off from the Prune Creek Loop and you climb (easy grade) your way to relaxed gliding and westerly panoramic views. Don’t miss the warming hut on your way down!

Tie Hack Cut-Across

Follow in the footsteps of early day tie-hack loggers on this historic logging road.  An alternative route for skiers along the Dead Horse and Prune Creek Loops, this is a pleasant family ski to the warming hut.

Tie Flume

This is the skier’s reward for climbing all of that elevation!  Enjoy a waving glide through the trees and catch the views. Relax at the warming hut after your “Flume Ride”!


Easy gliding offers skiers an alternative route along the Dead Horse Park Loop.  The trail follows a modern-day logging road with easy grades.

Trail Maps (pdf)

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