Statewide Partnership Brings Whole Grains to Wyoming Food Pantries

June 8, 2023

News – Sheridan Media

A new partnership between Wyoming Heritage Grains, the University of Wyoming Extension and Food Bank of Wyoming will bring Wyoming-grown whole grains to food pantries throughout the state. According to a media release from the University of Wyoming Extension, the initiative connects Wyoming producers and processors, such as Wyoming Heritage Grains, with anti-hunger organizations, like Food Bank of Wyoming, and nutrition education programs, like CNP. Together, these partners will enable statewide distribution of wheat berries and spelt flour, increasing access to and knowledge about how to use whole grains.

The project began with a heritage grains study that was led by UW Extension Educator Caitlin Youngquist, who in addition to conducting field research, facilitated the donation of surplus grains to local food pantries. Wyoming Heritage Grains Owner Sara Wood said she grew Red Spring wheat berries for the first round of 2023 donations and also donated her time to mill Wyoming-grown spelt into flour. With the help of Food Bank of Wyoming, the spelt flour and wheat berries will be distributed to food pantries across the state this month, starting in Fremont County this week.

Last modified: June 8, 2023

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