Texas Man Dies From Fall Near Shell Falls

September 19, 2023

News – Sheridan Media

A Texas man is dead after falling off of a ledge near Shell Falls.

According to the South Big Horn County Wyoming Search and Rescue Team, on Monday, September 11th, a call came in from a motorist, who on two different occasions that day, had a seen a car with the door open, in the same pull-out area on US Highway 14, about 1 mile upstream from the falls.

The caller stopped to check and learned the car was still running, but there was no one near by.

A camera was later found at the edge along Shell Canyon.

Search and rescue teams were contacted, and eventually found the victim deceased about 280 feet below the rim.

He was later identified as a 69-year old Texas man who was travelling through the area in a rental car.

Rescue personnel are reminding anyone who visits the area to be mindful of steep drop offs, stay back from edges, and take pictures from a safe distance.

Shell Falls is about 25 miles east of Greybull.

Last modified: September 19, 2023

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