Sheridan/Johnson County High School Football Players Named 2023 All-Conference

November 19, 2023

News – Sheridan Media

Coaches and members of the Wyoming Coaches Association have voted on which players they believe are in the best in the state within the conference their team plays in.


Although there are no conferences in 4A, they were created for post-season recognition.

The 4A West is Sheridan, Natrona, Thunder Basin, Rock Springs and Laramie.

Only those who get 1st team all-conference honors are considered for All-State.

Dane Streel – 1st Team Wide Receiver, 1st Team Defensive Back and 1st Team Return Specialist (unanimous selection on all 3)

Cody Dunham – 1st Team Wide Receiver and 1st Team Defensive Back

Alex Haswell – 1st Team Offensive Lineman and 1st Team Defensive Lineman

DJ Elchlinger – 1st Team Offensive Lineman

Will Brooks – 1st Team Offensive Lineman

Jackson Lynn – 1st Team Linebacker

Aiden O’Leary – 1st Team Defensive Back

Terran Grooms – 1st Team Running Back and 2nd Team Linebacker

Noah Williamson – 1st Team Defensive Lineman and 2nd Team Offensive Lineman

Nahir Aguirre – 1st Team At-Large Offense and 2nd Team Running Back

Kolin Custis – 1st Team Linebacker and Honorable Mention Offensive Lineman

Dominick Berrettini – 1st Team Quarterback and Honorable Mention Defensive Back

Ty Gilbertson – 1st Team Punter (Unanimous selection) 1st Team Kicking Specialist (unanimous selection) and Honorable Mention Defensive Back

Payten Martineau – 2nd Team Defensive Lineman and Honorable Mention Offensive Lineman

Jacob Ormseth – Honorable Mention Tight End

Justyce Lucas – Honorable Mention Offensive Lineman

Bridger Peldo – Honorable Mention Offensive Lineman

Will Brooks – Honorable Mention Defensive Lineman

Beck Haswell – Honorable Mention Defensive Lineman

Kelten Crow – Honorable Mention Running Back and Honorable Mention Linebacker

Breck Reed – Honorable Mention Defensive Back

4A West Offensive Player of the Year: Dane Steel (unanimous selection)

4A West Defensive Player of the Year: Dane Steel (unanimous selection)

4A West Lineman of the Year: Alex Haswell (unanimous selection)

4A West Coach of the Year: Jeff Mowry

Big Horn:

Avon Barney

Kolby Butler

Jacob Brown

Keifer Dunham

Caleb Gibson

Drew Heermann

Cruz Hernandez

Owen Petty

Gavin Stafford

Tongue River:

Alex Barker

Connor Cummins

Colter Hanft

Caleb Kilbride

Cole Kukuchka

Jack Melger

Nixon Rider


Will Hammond – Running Back

Hazen Camino – Wide Receiver

Cohen Gossard – Tight End

Lance Rabel – Offensive Lineman

Hayden Jawors – Defensive Lineman

Eli Patterson – Linebacker

Ryan Nicholas – Linebacker

Zayne Huber – Defensive Back

Bryce Camino – Defensive Back

3A East Defensive Player of the Year: Eli Patterson

3A East Co-Coach of the Year: Rob Hammond


Grady Alger

Ruben Cleveland

Taylor Cleveland

Vaun Pierson

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