Fuel Contract Approved

April 1, 2024

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A contract to provide Goose Creek Transit $100,000 annually for fuel needed to operate the transit system was approved by the Sheridan City Council Monday night. The two-year contract is from July 1, 2024, until June 30, 2026. City Administrator Stu McRae.

city administrator stu mcrae

McRae said The Hub on Smith has provided a door-to-door transportation service since 1973 and Goose Creek Transit began operating a fixed route service in 2019. Councilor Kristen Jennings posed a question to McRae as to where the buses will be refueling.

councilor kristen jennings and city administrator stu mcrae

The Hub on Smith Executive Director Carmen Rideout addressed the Mayor and Council.

hub on smith executive director carmen rideout

The approval of the contract was not unanimous, as Councilors Andrew Patceg and Kristen Jennings voted against it. We’ll have more from the City Council meeting in future stories.


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