Amending the Sign Ordinance

October 6, 2021

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The Sheridan City Council approved an ordinance on first reading that amends the City’s current sign ordinance. Sheridan Media’s Ron Richter has the details.

Amending the Sign Ordinance

Ordinance #2238 changes language in the City’s current sign code in order to be in compliance with a Supreme Court ruling in 2015, Reed v. The Town of Gilbert, Arizona. City Attorney Brendon Kerns explained the Supreme Court’s decision.

Brendon Kerns

Kerns said language pertaining to political signs in the City’s current sign ordinance is in contrast to the Supreme Court ruling.

Brendon Kerns

The Council approved the ordinance on first reading with the understanding that there may be several changes made to the amendment on second and third reading. The ordinance that was approved Monday night states that unpermitted temporary signs must be limited to eight square feet and cannot be located on public property. The sign must be located a minimum of seven feet from the back of the curb or two feet from the sidewalk, whichever is greater. The sign must also be removed from the owner’s property within 90 days after its installation. The owner would be able to request a permit for a longer time period if necessary. Examples of unpermitted temporary signs may include but are not limited to campaign signs, community signs, real estate signs, and construction signs.

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