John C. Schiffer Collaborative School

February 24, 2022

John C. Schiffer Collaborative School is SCSD#2’s high school level alternative educational program, and exists to provide educational opportunities for students for whom a non-traditional school setting may be more appropriate.

John C. Schiffer is the leading alternative high school in the state of Wyoming. There is a dedicated, caring staff members,, and a committed, supportive school district and community. Assessment scores the ACT and WY-TOPP, show the students’ and teachers’ commitment to success.

Bringing the John C. Schiffer Collaborate School to what it is today has been a long journey. The collaborate school started at the high school, and in 1988 it moved to the VA Medical Center Campus and was named the Fort Mackenzie High School. Over the years it moved to various buildings and in 2017 the school moved to the Sheridan College Campus and was renamed the J.C. Schiffer School. Today, the school is housed in it’s own building on Dome Loop at Sheridan College, which was completed in the fall of 2021.

Superintendent Scott Stults said that by locating the school on the Sheridan college campus, high school students have an opportunity to see a college campus, and it is a way to support aspirations students might have after high school. Many obtain college credits while still in high school.

Although smaller than Sheridan High School, the school has all the amenities of a larger school including a small gym, a library, a modern kitchen and a cafeteria.

Students at Schiffer master the same academic standards as their peers at Sheridan High School; however, the non-traditional focuses on individual learning styles, varied assessments and a flexible pace.

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