Incidents from 3/21/2022 0000 hours to 3/22/2022 0000 hours 03/22/22 Sheridan Police Department

March 22, 2022

The City of Sheridan website is currently experiencing problems. Below are the incidents from 3/21/2022 0000 hours to 3/22/2022 0000 hours 03/22/22 from the Sheridan Police Department.

22P002050 INA 01:16:37 03/21/22 N MAIN ST

Bar Check

22P002051 NFA 02:53:40 03/21/22 N BROOKS ST

Disturb Peace

Synopsis: Officers overheard a loud banging sound followed by yelling outside of

an apartment complex. No action taken.

22P002052 NFA 07:13:28 03/21/22 E BRUNDAGE LN

Found Property

Synopsis: Officers responded to a found property. A subject advised he located

a bumper and license plate in the roadway. The property was turned over to its


22P002053 INA 09:33:30 03/21/22 VAL VISTA ST

Cat Trap

22P002054 SUS 09:37:06 03/21/22 N MAIN ST

Hit & Run

Synopsis: Damage found on a vehicle from a hit and run. Damage is estimated at

under $1000.00. No suspects at this time.

22P002055 NFA 09:57:40 03/21/22 MYDLAND RD

Theft Cold

Synopsis: Officers responded to a cold theft. The reporter advised a credit

card was fraudulently applied for using his information.

22P002056 NFA 10:20:40 03/21/22 COFFEEN AVE

Civil Dispute

Synopsis: Damaged reported to a motel room. Room was found disheveled, but no

damage was observed. Case for property damage is unfounded and no enforcement

action was taken.

22P002057 SUS 10:25:01 03/21/22 LONG DR


Synopsis: Report taken of a broken mirror. No suspects in this case.

22P002058 NFA 10:28:20 03/21/22 S SHERIDAN AVE


Synopsis: Report of a person making harassing statement to another person about

a ongoing animal complaint. Report under investigation.

22P002059 NFA 10:42:13 03/21/22 Area

Suspicious Circ

Synopsis: Officers received a suspicious call from a female. The female’s name

and location were not given and she was never located.

22P002060 ACT 11:06:32 03/21/22 LONG DR

Suspicious Circ

Synopsis: Officers took a report of a student who brought a toy gun to school.

No crime was committed. The student was left with the school to be further


22P002061 INA 11:24:18 03/21/22 AVOCA AVE

Welfare check

22P002062 INA 11:56:28 03/21/22 E BRUNDAGE LN

Animal Found

22P002063 ACT 12:09:17 03/21/22 LEWIS ST

Drug – Other

Synopsis: Report taken of a juvenile being under the influence of a controlled

substance. Juvenile was contacted and will be taking a drug test at the

direction of their probation officer.

22P002064 INA 12:40:14 03/21/22 LONG DR

Welfare check

22P002065 INA 12:56:46 03/21/22 LEWIS ST

K-9 Request

22P002066 ACT 13:01:19 03/21/22 LOUCKS ST

Traffic Complnt

Synopsis: Report of a vehicle passing a school bus. Under investigation.

22P002067 ACT 13:05:33 03/21/22 N MAIN ST

Traffic Complnt

Synopsis: Report of a vehicle passing a school bus. The driver has not yet

been contacted.

22P002068 SUS 13:08:35 03/21/22 E 5TH ST

Traffic Complnt

Synopsis: Report of a vehicle passing a school bus. Officers have been unable

to locate the vehicle. Case suspended pending further information.

22P002069 NFA 13:18:48 03/21/22 OLD COURSE WAY

Trespass Cold

Synopsis: Officers were contacted regarding drug information. Case under


22P002070 NFA 13:22:57 03/21/22 LARCH LN

Welfare check

Synopsis: Officers responded to a welfare check. The reporter advised she had

not spoken to the subject for several days. Contacted was made with a neighbor

who had spoken with the subject today.

22P002071 NFA 13:57:52 03/21/22 YONKEE AVE

Citizen Assist

Synopsis: Officer answered civil questions. No crime was found and no

enforcement action taken.

22P002073 SUS 14:08:02 03/21/22 N MAIN ST

Theft Cold

Synopsis: Report of a theft. There are no suspects at this time.

22P002072 NFA 14:08:31 03/21/22 HEARTLAND DR

Juv Out of Cont

Synopsis: Officers responded to a juvenile out of control. Nobody was injured.

The juvenile’s parent arrived and he left calmly.

22P002074 INA 14:16:46 03/21/22 AVOCA PL

Citizen Assist

22P002075 INA 14:36:04 03/21/22 W 12TH ST

VIN Inspection

22P002076 NFA 15:22:55 03/21/22 RIDGEWAY AVE

Traffic Complnt

Synopsis: Officers responded to a traffic complaint. The reporter advised

somebody drove through his yard without his consent.

22P002078 NFA 15:53:22 03/21/22 N GOULD ST


Synopsis: Officer received a report of a suspicious female offering sex to a

male individual. Officer was unable to make contact with the female or the

reporting party. No law enforcement action taken.

22P002077 INA 16:01:45 03/21/22 DELPHI AVE


22P002079 INA 16:41:50 03/21/22 11TH ST

Traffic Complaint

22P002080 ACT 17:09:52 03/21/22 E 4TH ST


Report of an ex-girlfriend parked outside a residence. Individual was contacted

and warned of stalking issues and told to leave.

22P002081 INA 19:21:52 03/21/22 N MAIN ST

Citizen Assist

22P002082 INA 20:05:05 03/21/22 BIG HORN

Dog at Large

22P002083 INA 20:56:39 03/21/22 COFFEEN AVE

Suspicious Veh

22P002084 NFA 21:18:43 03/21/22 W WORKS ST

Mental Subject

Synopsis: Officers received a report of a mental subject needing assistance.

Officers transported the individual to Sheridan Memorial Hospital.

22P002085 INA 22:42:21 03/21/22 VISTA ST

Dog at Large

22P002086 NFA 22:56:49 03/21/22 STRAHAN PKWY

Removal of Sub

Synopsis: Officers responded to a report for a subject removal. Individual had

nowhere to go for the night and was provided a ride to the PD and informed they

could wait in the lobby until morning.

22P002087 NFA 23:38:30 03/21/22 W 5TH ST

Verbal Domestic

Synopsis: Officers responded to a report of a verbal domestic. Nothing criminal

occurred, no action taken.

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