COMPASS Makes Land Lease Request of Buffalo Council

June 26, 2022

The COMPASS Center for Families has approached the City of Buffalo to lease them city-owned land on which to build a COMPASS facility in Buffalo, according to Bill Hawley, who spoke to the city council at their last meeting.

Hawley said the city would hold no responsibility for funding, building, or maintaining a COMPASS-built facility.

According to discussions, City Attorney Ben Kirven is currently drafting an agreement between the city and COMPASS for both parties to review and amend as necessary.

Hawley explained should the lease agreement be approved and COMPASS builds the facility but then somehow ceases to exist, the city would then inherit and own the building.

Compass Center for Families, should the city agree to the lease, will still need to raise the funding to build the facility, but are confident they can do so with land on which to build.

No action was taken by the council at the meeting.

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Last modified: June 26, 2022

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