SPD: begin planning early for events 

March 17, 2023

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The City of Sheridan features many events through the course of the year and the most effective and safe are the events that began with early planning.

Sheridan Police Department Chief Travis Koltiska and Lieutenant Dan Keller recently spoke on events planning in the City of Sheridan. 

Koltiska told listeners of Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse program to get started as early as possible. According to Koltiska, planning early allows organizers the opportunity to identify potential problems that may arise as well as allow ample time to inform the surrounding neighbors or businesses of the intended event. Many events may require an insurance bond, which will also take time to acquire. 

Koltiska told listeners that many of the events this year may have to change locations or close side streets due to the Main Street Resurfacing and Utility Project.

Chief T. Koltiska

According to the Sheridan Police Chief, it is the duty of the SPD to make sure events are safe for patrons to enjoy as well as to ensure all laws are followed, in particular alcohol laws. But the SPD does not run the events nor plan events for organizers.  

If residents are planning an event, the first place to start, according to Koltiska, is customer service in Sheridan City Hall. Event organizers may have to apply for various permits depending on the type of event they intend to hold, such as a specific alcohol permit or a permit to close a road. Keller gave listeners a general rule-of-thumb to follow when considering if they need a permit for an event. 

Lt. D. Keller

To find out more, visit the City of Sheridan website and search under the “I want to” tab.

Last modified: March 17, 2023

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