Dining for a Cause will benefit Advocacy and Resource Center

April 2, 2024

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Last year, First Federal Bank and Trust, located here in Sheridan, donated $1,000 a week for 52 weeks to a 501(c)(3) or qualified non-profit in Sheridan County.

As part of the First Federal Bank and Trust Community Commitment Program, the bank uses portions of the profits made to invest into the Sheridan County community. 

This year, the bank has resurrected the Dining for a Cause, a program that will help not only a nonprofit, but also a local restaurant in Sheridan. 

The Advocacy and Resource Center will benefit from this quarter’s Dining for a Cause as First Federal Bank and Trust will match up to $10,000 from the meals and tips of P.O. News & Flagstaff Cafe on April 17 and 18. 

Sheridan Advocacy and Resource Center Executive Director Yvonne Swanson recently spoke on the event during Public Pulse. 

Y. Swanson  

P.O. News & Flagstaff Café is located at 1 North Main St. in Sheridan. Learn more about P.O. News & Flagstaff Café by clicking here

To find out more about the Advocacy and Resource Center, click here


Last modified: April 2, 2024

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