City Of Sheridan Opens Five Public Restrooms Downtown

June 19, 2024

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When you got to go, you got to go and up until recently, it has sometimes been a hassle to find a place in downtown Sheridan.

The city has now opened 5 seasonal public restrooms in the back of the parking lot between Verdello and the City Hall building, behind the Centennial Theaters.

Two of the restrooms are for men, 2 are for women and the other is a family restroom with a changing table.

City Public Works Director Hanns Mercer says the project has been in the works for about 5 months and the restrooms are the deluxe portable kind, and not like a typical port-a-potty.

“We’ve outfitted them with plenty of toilet paper, paper towels dispensers, soap. They’re actually fully functioning, water, sewer, electricity. They’re going to be cleaned every single morning, so we’re really looking out for the gaps in the levels of service that we can provide for the community, and we hope that it’s a huge success.”

Mercer adds the 5 restrooms cost the city about $25,000.

That includes the cost of each unit as well as hookups for water, sewer and electricity.

Kevin Koile – Sheridan Media

Kevin Koile – Sheridan Media”}]]

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