Forest Service Announces Drinking Water not Available at Battle Park Trailhead and Camping Area

July 10, 2024

News – Sheridan Media


The Bighorn National Forest announced Wednesday that the potable water hand pump at Battle Park Trailhead and camping area is broken and currently unusable. Repairs have been ordered, but potable water will not be available at the site until repairs are complete. The spring located at the site has not been tested for water quality or human consumption. 

The Forest Service recommends that people filter, decontaminate, or boil water from the spring prior to drinking it. Nearby campgrounds in the area are open and water can be used from those locations. The nearby campgrounds include West Tensleep Trailhead, Deer Park, Boulder Park, Sitting Bull and Island Park. The Forest Service will provide more information on the situation as it becomes available. 


Last modified: July 10, 2024

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