Sheridan Wesleyan Church

April 2, 2014

It’s pretty simple, actually. When people ask what SWC is all about it comes down to two things—loving God and serving people.

worship2 Loving God
Our goal is to love God with a passion so we incorporate ministries in our church that drive us in that direction. From innovative Sunday Celebrations to our Life Groups our goal is to provide arenas where you can love God more than ever before. In particular, we love God by…

Knowing God scripturally
Worshiping Him passionately
Seeking Him prayerfully
Giving to Him sacrificially

Serving People
Serving people is not separate from loving God—it is a direct response! We serve each other because our love for God drives us to serve. So whether we are serving our community through our Family Fall Fun Fest, helping at the homeless shelter or bringing meals to a family in need we do it because serving is what happens when you are loving God! We serve others by…

Sharing Jesus with others unapologetically
Serving others in love unconditionally
Influencing others globally

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