Sheridan County School District #3

January 13, 2022

Sheridan County School District #3 covers the eastern quarter of Sheridan County, approximately 1,200 square miles. The largest community in the district is Clearmont, situated about 40 miles from the county seat in Sheridan. The two elementary schools are located in Arvada and Clearmont, and the junior/senior high school is in Clearmont, altogether serving about 100 students.

The district is small (the 2nd smallest in the state) and relatively isolated, but the school board, administration, staff, and community make an exceptional effort to provide an outstanding educational program and to see that students are afforded similar opportunities to those offered to children in larger districts. Like our other rural school district (District #1), District #3 operates on a four-days-a-week schedule.

Sheridan County School District #3 includes:

  • Arvada Elementary
  • Clearmont Elementary
  • Arvada-Clearmont Junior/Senior High School

Last modified: January 13, 2022

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