Sheridan Man Sentenced for Theft

June 4, 2024

News – Sheridan Media


An 18-year-old Sheridan man was sentenced for a felony theft charge at a hearing Tuesday in Fourth Judicial District Court. Sheridan Media’s Ron Richter has the details.

In October of 2023, Payton Jack was arrested and charged with felony theft for taking money from a safe at a residence in Sheridan on October 15, 2023. At a hearing in District Court on March 21, 2024, Jack pleaded guilty to the theft charge pursuant to a plea agreement that was reached with the State. At sentencing Tuesday, District Court Judge Darci Phillips said that she would reluctantly accept the plea agreement and told Jack that this would be his final last chance and sentenced him to a deferred prosecution and three years of supervised probation.

Phillips ordered Jack to pay $325 in court costs and assessments and $500 in public defender fees. Jack must also pay $5,924 in restitution to the victim, assessed jointly and severally with two other co-defendants in the case. 


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